Restorations (Tooth Filling)

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoring teeth affected by the most common conditions – Dental caries or tooth decay. Dental caries can be present on the biting surfaces of teeth, approximal surface facing the adjacent tooth, or the angle of the tooth or it may involve a major portion of the tooth surfaces. The treatment is primarily aimed at removing all the decay and caries leaving behind healthy tooth structure which can then be restored to its normal function and anatomy, using various restorative materials. Initially, the commonly used material was silver amalgam, etc. However, with the demand for esthetics increasing in recent times, tooth coloured fillings are more preferred.


Creating illusions is the most important objective of esthetic dentistry.IIlusion is the art of changing the perception of an object to appear different from what it is.It requires special skills and materials that creates natural look.

Restorative Materials Used in Esthetic Restorations:

1.Ceramic- Glass-based and crystalline-based restorative material.

Lucite, lithium disilicates, alumina-based and zirconia-based ceramics are most widely used.

2. Composite- Resin restorative material categorized by particle sizes.

a)Nanofilled contain the smallest particles and macrofilled contain the largest particles.

b)Packable and flowable types are available.

3.Porcelain- Made of ceramic fired at high temperatures.

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